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Queensland City and Coastal Moving and Backloading

1) How much notice do you need?

Not much. Up to the day before pickup for Pickups within 150 Kms around Brisbane. For backloads, it just depends when we are in the area rather than how much notice we have.

2) Do we need Transit Protection?

This question is difficult to answer as different people have different attitudes to Transit Protection. For example some people insure their homes, and some don't. Please read our more comprehensive section about Transit Protection under 'More info'.

3) How firm are your prices ?

We prefer not to have to ammend a price once it has been quoted. However we are relying on you to provide an accurate assessment of the goods to be moved. You should also keep in mind that we have not seen what you have seen. So if there are likely to be unusual access problems that may cause additional delays or costs, these will be charged for if not advised prior to pickup.

4) What sort of equipment do you use?

We use only fully equipped furniture removal trucks and containers.

Each vehicle contains ample furniture removal pads, blankets and ties to protect your unwrapped furniture items during transit. All vehicles have tie-rails so that your furniture can be fixed securely into position for the journey ahead, preventing the load from shifting and crushing fragile items.

5) Why use us?

Its a long story and it involves listing a heap of other companies that we know about by name and then telling you stories about them that are true. Stay tuned as they say.

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