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Queensland City and Coastal Moving and Backloading

Queensland City and Coastal movers and backloaders.
Furniture Removalists To And From Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast.
Our Local, long distance and interstate prices are really competitive. Get a price online right now! It won't take long.

Not sure if you've ever tried getting a quote from another removalists' site.

It all starts off fine. You answer some question and click continue. Then another question and another continue.

Then: 'Where from and where to?' So far so good.

Then they ask what you've got to move. You spend time putting in the list and then 'continue'...

Then they want the date .. maybe thats ok. The rates could vary if its peak period.

Then they want your email. Then your mobile* ..compulsory. First name* ..compulsory. Last Name* ... DOB... Where did you hear about us ......?

Then: Why are you moving ? Complete with a choice of 9 totally intrusive options and an 'other' in case they haven't covered it with their first 9 options.

Like really ???

What has that got to do with getting a price??

First they waste your time doing a list and then a whole bunch of stupid irrelevant questions. Why do they need to now all those things to work out a price?

Probably lucky they didn't ask you to email a photo with your application.

Once you get the quote, they'll be on the phone harrassing you every day..

'Excuse me did you get our quote ?' 'Can we help you with anything ?'They don't mind. Its won't cost them much. Its probably an overseas call center anyway.

'When will you be making up your mind ?' 'OK we'll call you again tomorrow.'

Well we won't be like that.

Everything we need to know to give you a price will be on the next page and you can see it all in one hit.

No continue.. continue.. continue.. And no stupid annoying questions.You'll get an email with the price within a few minutes and after that you can ammend our quote in real time on line, get the price changesin real time online and book online.

And you can contact us whenever you like, (with questions for us !), but otherwise we won't contact you unless you ask.